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Foreign national students or Italian nationals

ISEE parificato (ISEE equivalent)

If you are a foreign national or an Italian residing abroad, you may access study entitlements via the ISEE parificato (ISEE equivalent) used for situations not included by ISEE certificates.

You are required to apply for an ISEE parificato if you are:

  • a foreign national university student who does not reside in Italy;
  • an Italian national university student who does not reside in Italy;
  • a foreign national university student residing in Italy but who is not financially independent.

The CAF CGIL, operating with ESU and the University, helps students with the paperwork needed to acquire the ISEE parificato. The service is free of charge and by appointment only:

  • Venice offices, Fondamenta del Gafaro 3536; tel. +39 041 549 1188
  • Mestre offices, via Ca’ Marcello 10; tel. +39 041 549 1100

Please arrive at the CAF offices with all the documentation required for the ISEE parificato. This certificate is calculated on the basis of the documentation presented regarding income and assets owned abroad. This information will be transmitted to the University directly by the CAF and does not need to be presented to University offices.
The deadline for appointments with the CAF is September 30th, 2018 (the date stamp on the receipt issued on presentation of the DSU will be taken as proof)

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